LAM Engineering is specialized in design, development and production of special vehicles produced in small series by their own or by contractors.

In his decades of experience LAM Engineering has completed several projects, from concept to  production, dealing with all related activities.

Thanks to the espertising matured and to the collaboration with partners at the highest level, LAM Engineering is able to carry out all project steps from scratch to series ensuring reduced time to market and low costs.


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  • ​Develop and give shape the ideas of the Customer
  • Design the vehicle mechanics and aesthetics
  • Prototype the vehicle
  • Test and develop the prototype
  • Homologate the vehicle
  • Produce the preseries
  • Optimize assembly and manufacturing processes
  • Make production or follow the Customer in developing his own production unit

LAM Engineering can provide the Client with a "turnkey" package which includes all activities listed above or carry out just one or more of these, working in collaboration with outside Companies, too.

Being a highly flexible Company, in collaborative projects, LAM Engineering is able to easily integrate with the team members, playing, where required, the role of project leader.


LAM Engineering main core is the dynamics of the vehicle: chassis, suspension system, steering system, brake system and passive safety elements.