There are many areas in which we operate: automotive, industrial, furniture, chemicals, fitness and many others.

The design process is accomplished through a series of ordered phases in which our team transforms the idea into a real object.
During this course the Customer will have the opportunity to attend in person all stages of implementing his project.

In designing LAM Engineering uses the latest equipment such as solid and surfaces modeling, 3D F.E.A. (Structural finite element analysis) and dynamic and kinematic analysis, which allow the Customer to see happening in virtual reality his product, making any changes, and to avail himself of dynamic and kinematic analysis.
Thanks to this strategy the Client has the ability to define in detail his product, to optimize and test it immediately, before to implement the prototype phase, saving time and money.

LAM Engineering, using its own internal workshop, is able to follow the Customer also in a particularly critical phase, the prototype one, bringing to fruition the idea and getting to a "turnkey" project.