Industrial Design

From the simplest object to the most complex system, LAM Engineering accompany the Customer through the path that allows him to turn into reality his ideas to production and beyond.




Case study


Chemical Hood

The design has been articulated through structural aspects, kinematics, ergonomics, safety and aesthetic, always taking into consideration the existing legislation as well as the optimization of production processes and product assembly.
An in-depth analysis of fluid dynamics has led the development of the project, pursuing objectives of high efficiency and lowering energy consumption.


A small motorcycle designed for been used by children and adults with reduced size that can be easily transported for example in a boat or in a camper.
The style and design were carefully attended, coming to an extremely simple yet highly aesthetic impact product. The minibike is actually produced in series in the USA.



Tennis Table


Two systems for table tennis mass-produced for many years. For both have been designed the structure and the closure systems that are extremely practical and functional and have been patented by us on behalf of the Customer.
Again, great care and attention were directed to the simplification of production processes and to comply with the regulations.