​Lucarelli Monza take up the challenge to create something truly unique

inspired by the real spirit of Karl Abarth and refined by the modern technology. 

The result is a light, very well balanced, two seater sport car.

Traction and handling are superior to any other car in this category and performancies are amazing.



The original chassis has been extensively modified in the front and in the rear compartments, adding more stiffness

to the system.
A fully adjustable A-arm suspension layout, including an adjustable torsion bar, is fitted at the rear .
The front suspension layout has been partially modified to obtain optimized angle's charatteristics.
Adjustable dumpers specifically developed by Bilstein complete the suspensions set up
280 HP
Stage III turbo on bearings, low compression forged pistons, steel H-Conrods, fully ported head, different camshaft, modified ECU, bigger injector, heavy duty clutch, high performance steel and carbon fiber exhaust system, 200 cells sport cat, larger intercooler, K&N air box and conical filter, ARP racing fastners, fully balanced, blue printing.
QUAIFE limited slip differential.
The car is equipped with the original airbag system. Traction and stability control helping devices are maintained but they can be turned off on demand. Bracking system has been extensivelly improved by C.T.F. specialist.


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